Persevering In Faith

Salem Meeting arranged for a booth at the village "Quakerfest". It seemed fitting to be a presence there and show that Quakers exist as more than historical legend.

Insight from     A GUIDE TO TRUE PEACE
"And, though in the prayer of mental stillness, you may feel yourself to be in a dry and comfortless state, not being able to get rid of your troublesome thoughts, nor experience any light, consolation, or spiritual feeling, yet be not afflicted, nor desist from your undertaking, resign yourself at that time with vigor, and patiently persevere as in His presence, for, while you persevere in that manner, your soul will be internally improved.

     Do you believe, that when you come from prayer in the same manner as you began it, without feeling yourself profited thereby, that you have been toiling in vain. That is a fallacy; because true prayer consists, not in enjoying the light, and having knowledge of spiritual things, but in enduring with patience, and persevering in faith and silence; believing that you are in the Lord's presence, turning to Him your heart with tranquillity and simplicity of mind. 

We must be aware that nature is always an enemy to the spirit; and, that, when she is deprived of sensible pleasures, she remains weak, melancholy, and full of irksomeness. Hence from the uneasiness of thoughts, the lassitude of body, importunate sleep, and your inability to curb the senses, every one of which would follow its own pleasure; you will often feel impatient to be at the end of your prayer. Happy are you if you can persevere amidst this painful trial: Remember, that 'They who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31"

   from A GUIDE TO TRUE PEACE the 1815 edition compiled by William Backhouse and James Janson  pg. 38, 39

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