Invitation to General Gathering of Conservative Friends

Our forefather William Penn wrote, "The great work and business of the cross of Christ in man is self-denial; a word of much depth in itself, and of sore contradiction to the world; little understood; but less embraced by it; which yet must be borne. The Son of God is gone before us, and, by the bitter cup he drank, and the baptism he suffered, has left us an example that we should follow his steps........
All Friends of like mind are invited to the 2018 22-24, Sixth Month General Gathering of Conservative Friends. This is a weekend of worship and fellowship at Stillwater Friends Meeting, in Barnesville, Ohio. It is intended to instruct and refresh us all, as we come empty of self to wait for renewal. The world desires a Saviour, but rejects the Christ who is the cornerstone of human salvation. No other way will bring light to our condition.  Join us this weekend in weakness, without expectation, putting behind you any shadows, seeking strength  directly from the "substance" which is Christ Jesus.
When there was none to help, not one to open seals, to give knowledge, or to direct the course of poor man's recovery, He came in the greatness of his love and strength; and though clothed with the infirmities of a mortal man, being within fortified by the Almightiness of an immortal God, he travelled through all the straits and difficulties of humanity; and, first of all others trod the untrodden path to blessedness.
No Cross, No Crown William Penn, chapter 4, section #2 & 3
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